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Happy Sankt Nikolaus!
Wednesday. 12.6.06 11:12 am
Happy Sankt Nikolaus! Look underneath your bed, maybe he put something for you there~ Is there anyone here who celebrates it? We don't do it in Sweden but in Germany you do, so every year grandma and mom will put something beneath my and my brother's bed on the 6th.

Or just drop into our hands the days afterwards with a "Ops, I forgot".

Been quite a long time since I last wrote something here. The past time has given me an epic tale with all the categories in the book. Most is all in blurrs now but I have recived unusually memories since the last entry in, ah, I don't want to think of how long it has been. ^^ Um...ops, I forgot?

I adore you all who replied to my last entry. =) People gave me advice to stay healthy, thank you! What's odd though is that I never get sick. Not when there is an epidemic around and not even when walking in puddles with worn-to-holes shoes when it's cold and raining. I know you should never say never because it may happen, but I have tried, I still don't get sick. I don't get injuries either. I guess I'll get it all at once then when I grow older. Oh well, that day those problems. =)


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I'm a luft-ian!
Monday. 10.16.06 12:35 pm
mood: Busy-bunny
listening to: Cars that pass by...hey! It's fun! Try it yourself! XD
watching: The clock~

Winter is really coming now, it's getting darker and darker each day and not to mention colder! I just came back from running and my throat has become an ice-cube! True!

Going to shower quick so that I can come along to visit grandma in the hostpital, then I have read my notes so I can pass the (sure to be) homework-test tomorrow.

After a time-absorbing and serious to the shell research I have come to the conlcusion homework should get the title of "most used word...EVER!". XD

Hurry now! =3 Means the title won't be included in blog! Wonder-baum!


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Today was not an happy day...
Sunday. 10.15.06 7:31 am
It's only half two and I can already say today isn't a great day.

I just came home from working and two minutes later my family comes home too telling me that grandma tripped and hit her head and is now in the hostpital. That feels terrible, the only things I can see postivt is that they said grandma seems alright and that the accident ended my parents fight.

Now I don't feel like studing at all but I have very important and hard math tests this week which I fear failing... I also have an english word test this week, makes me wish I had actually learned the glossarys for each week XD

----> German test ranting, I dare you! XD

I will probably get my german tests back this week, they were quite a confussing story. Since it was the first big test I had this term I didn't know what to expect. But the writting part was, even if I of course will get a wrongs, surprisingly easy. Now you should know that I am partly german and that understanding and reading I feel that I can. And the hearing part I belive I won't fail, but the reading one, it was terrible confussing. I read the test, I understood every sentence, but then the yes or no statements, there I fell of a cliff XD Either the statements were written in an extremly easy way or they were made extremly hard. For example there was something like(translated in english XD):

Text part: She had to speak spanish to them as they didn't understand english.
Statement: The care-parents could only speak spanish.

Text part: Her new sister attended the same school as she.
Statement: Clare was in the same class as her care-sister Julie.

It was so confussing XD Nowhere in the text it said that they only spook spanish or that they was in the same class, it was implyed but not stated. But since the writting test had been simple I betted on this one two. Which I'm unsure if I shoud have now since even if the other was wrong I would have been able to argument for it which I will have a hard time for with the simple oppinion.

I have the feeling I blew it XD darn.


I just noticed that I have 9 invites codes O_o Aye?


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Secret room~
Thursday. 10.12.06 2:33 pm
Above the sun I found a coin,
a shiney gold plate with a smile.
It wanted it's comrades join,
hence I knew it not a long while.

My wallet is screaming at me again...aye?

Let's see, let's see... *strokes imagined beard* What should I ramble about this time...

I'm kind of thinking of starting a club in school =3 "Kind of" is the key words. What could be needed? 10 people? That shouldn't be a problem. A club room? Well...me and a friend discovered a small small secret room! XD

At the End of the World #2 (also called music building) you will find, after you successfully climbed an inhuman stair, that teacher bullies some unlucky student by giving them there locker there. But that's not the point, just once you reached the stair's top there is a white door glued into the wall. If you are lucky, then this door wil be left open...

Once you gotten enough curage and checked so that no one has been crazy enough to come to this forsaken place you may look inside~ Your eye will first sees a small stair leading to a lost door surrounded by chemical bottles and other disgusting stuff that indictates that the cleaning lady should get a gold star for actually climbing the evil stair and making sure that no dust will be absorbed and ruin or lovely music students' throats.

...Right. If you still haven't chickened out, acceptable, you are actually standing completely visible like a moron with the head in a dark cleaning closet, just imagine if a coughing student would be on his way to the hostpital...on closer thoughts, the person might find it his best to ignore you given his quite odd situation. Bless the Cleaning person. So feel free to go on with your body and head in two very far of dimensions.

Just step in already! Thank you very much. Now you might notic another door, a couple of feets in, beside the small no-leading stair. Thank God! Took you long enough! Go grab the handle! Two times have I tried it, one time it worked, are you a lucky pumkin? For the future of this blog let's say you are! Yay! Stage clear!

You now stand in a small small room containing a couple of small chairs, a music page holder, a window allowing you to check on bypassers on the street and an...sink? Quite odd combination indeed. After you have patted yourself on the shoulder for having poured into the right amount of courage in your emotion bottle and figured that it must be some sort of practise room you might want to get out of there quick quick quick because I think I heard coughing from the stairway~

Hmm, above the sink I belive there was a painting too...

Conclusion, this is not a very secret room XD Conclusion, I ramble too much XD Conclusion, orginal point was....

...I'm not sure what the club would be about... Aye?

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Explanation I owe =3
Sunday. 10.8.06 10:57 am
But above and beyond there's still one name left over,
And that is the name that you never will guess;
The name no human research can discover -
BUT THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.

I found the poem "The Naming of Cats" interesting. =)

About my last post...well, a friend of mine who I had gotten rather close to changed class. I knew about it a long long time and she told me on monday that it was final that on wednesday she changed (we had tuesday free).

She cried on monday - I felt the stone drop at around 11:30pm on tuesday, hence the misguiding post. XD Meh, it is really sad actually. I hardly see her in school. My locker is at the end of the world and she swipped to one in the main building because it was where the other class had theirs. The only lesson we have together is now German but because our german teacher has damaged eyes we have to have a seating order, so we don't sit together either. =3 Did I mention we don't even live in the same town?

It's sad, but it's not like I'm angry at her or anything. I mean, she didn't feel well in the class, and she told me she wished I and another wasn't there (in the class XD) because she felt awful about leaving us. I still think she does a little though, I'm pretty sure she kept glancing at me in german class.

I hope she likes the other class better. =3 I'm getting used to knowing she won't pop up anymore now...actually she does, and she goes even more GLOMP then before. XD

This post is getting soooooooo long >_> This is why I usually only tells good things, they don't take so long time to explain~

This is what totally made my day, sorry about the quality - it was either dark or reflected-light-shiney XD

Saw it in the shop-window of "Game" when shopping with dad XD I just had to ask if I could get it! I actually asked "do you have others to be brought?" with the back-thought (when they take it down I might get it for free!!) but belive my luck when they had actually gotten two in and they gave me the unused one for free! XDXDXDXDXD YAY!!!!!!!!

Here is for Kuri XD 'Cause I adore hers but rarly shows my own anymore.

Ah, now I really really have to go and clean my room, it's killing-messy. No floor left to step on >_> I got so much junk and papper on the desk the computer is almost impossible to use XD Wish me luck!


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Tuesday. 10.3.06 4:36 pm
Today I feel so weird. Something is so horrible horrible wrong, and I can't understand just what exactely it is. It's just....wrong. I hate it, I hate it so much. Wrong, useless hope and weird, I really don't want it to be true.

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